When her sisters were collecting Vogue and Elle, Aniya was flipping through the pages of LIFE Magazine and National Geographic. She was drawn to images of reality. In 2011 Aniya was working as the criminologist for the Government of Barbados when she changed her course and started taking family photos on weekends. Although not starting her career in documentary photography, she saw the need for families to have moments captured rather than poses. Aniya started documenting her home life and how her two adolescent girls were growing, and simultaneously began documenting clients in their home. Aniya documents weddings and families on the island of Barbados. She lives with her two daughters, Ella and Adi, Matteo her husband, two furries and five turtles and loves traveling, surfing an awesome wave, reading, and day dreaming. 


Aniya Emtage Legnaro

Carrie Yuan

Carrie Yuan is a documentary family photographer based in Seattle, Washington, specializing in documentary family photography sessions that honestly tell the story of her clients' here and now. Carrie’s passion is to document the full-of-love journey that is parenthood and childhood (with a sprinkling of humor), in all its magic & chaos, so it shouldn't surprise you that crying photos are her favorite to capture. Carrie lives in Seattle with her family: a husband she met during a blizzard during finals week of grad school, a daughter who’s asking Santa for some crazy mermaid tail, four-year-old boy/girl twins who would be one amazing swimmer if only we could squish them into one person, and one seriously neglected lab-ridgeback canine. When not wielding her camera, Carrie can be found cozied up with a good book or knitting.

Seattle, Washington

Celina is from Montreal, Quebec where she lives with her sweet husband and two kids ( MisterM is 9 and MissE is 7). She a fashion designer and online content creator. When she isn’t blogging or sewing, you can find her taking photos of her kids. She first took a photography class in high school, but it wasn’t until she saw the Vivian Maier documentary two years ago, that she decided to learn all she could about photography. She can’t live without her coffee, loves to dance, is a terrible cook and hates the cold.

Montreal, Quebec

Celina Bailey

Chrystal Cienfuegos

Chrystal Cienfuegos, owner of Chrystal Cienfuegos Photography, offers both documentary and lifestyle family photography in Southern California (specializing in birth, maternity & family). She is passionate about telling love stories through elegant and timeless photographs inspired by the unique beauty of each family. She's a San Diego native and mother of three who fell in love with photography after a friend sold her his old SLR on a whim. In her "free time" (ha!), she enjoys teaching photography, family game nights, and travel.

San Diego, California

Erika grew up in the Midwest but now happily finds herself hidden amongst the giant evergreens of Washington state. Good coffee is a basic necessity for Erika and her husband as they tend to an infant daughter, run after a 4 year old son, and manage 2 mischeifous cats and a very patient dog. Erika was introduced to photography while studying journalism in college and now runs Little Fish Photo from the kitchen table of her beloved home.  She is also the co-founder of The Documentary Department.When she isn’t attached to her laptop (or fetching a cup of juice for her son) Erika is likely found baking, practicing yoga, or meandering the craft beer section of the local fancy grocery store.

Poulsbo, Washington

Erika Roa

Heather Bowser

Heather has been married to her high school sweetheart for 26 years. She has 13 children. She started her photography journey in 6 grade when she was given a 110 film cartridge camera that she carried around for the next 3 years. She loves to read Mysteries and eat dark chocolate. She hates condiments and for her food to touch.

Clinton, Mississippi

Jenny is a lifestyle, documentary and storytelling family photographer based on the Mornington Peninsula in Melbourne. She specialises in maternity, births, newborns, breastfeeding and families. Jenny loves to document the everyday, real, messy, beautiful and fleeting moments that memories are made from. Originally from the US, Jenny met her English husband while travelling and they have moved around too many times to count, but now call Melbourne home with their three amazing children. She is a huge lover of coffee, good food, good company and great wine and you can usually find her at her happy place at the beach.


Jenny Rusby

Jessica Uhler

Jessica is a documentary/ storytelling photographer in the Tacoma/ Seattle area. She spends her time raising four kids, a small flock of chickens, a fluffy Labradoodle and if she doesn't get tired of watering mid-summer, a garden where she loves to gather friends. She has loved and learned photography since high school, but since becoming a mother it has become a tool for gratitude in her life. She strives to live a good story in order to have better stories to tell with her camera. Looking for everyday beauty keeps her inspired, and she shares that inspiration with photography students and mentees. In her spare time, you might find Jessica reading, cooking, practicing yoga, running, or trying to figure out what's for dinner. Her goal this year is to get more sleep and to wake up earlier. They are, quite possibly, competing goals.

Tacoma, Washington

When Kym was asked what she wants her clients to feel when they see their images, the California photographer’s goal is to bring them back to the moment: the smells, the sounds, and the emotions from the day. Her style is organic and natural, focusing on the the connections between a couple or within a family. She strives to bring out the beauty in each person, and make them feel as comfortable as possible so the real emotions will shine through her lens.

Kym says, “I don’t think family photos need to be for monumental life events, I believe in the importance of capturing the every day. The snuggling in bed together, playing in the yard, baking cookies, or just because it’s Tuesday.” She loves to capture families in their home, at their favorite park, or where ever their hearts lead them. As a mother of 3 herself, she understands how important these little moments are to document and save as well.

Los Angeles, California

Kym Vitar

Lacey Monroe

As a little kid Lacey wanted to be an artist when she grew up (also potential careers included, but were not limited to: fashion designer, fashion buyer, ​surgeon, actress, and pilot). In college she graduated with degrees in both studio art and art history. After a bit of a meandering course she is happy to be following through on her childhood dream. Her photography is a mix personal work, fine art projects, and client commissions, all of which are shot with a documentary approach.

Lacey and her partner have two small kids (one in kinder & one in preschool), two dogs (an old grouchy Saint Bernard & an energetic short legged black mutt), and one overly dramatic black cat. As a family they spend lots of time outdoors (how could one not when living in the Pacific Northwest?) and Lacey is an avid reader. One summer in college Lacey lived on a floating home. Being as there are quite a few of them where she grew up, Lacey never knew how unusual that was until she was older. Other notable accomplishments include hand feeding a giraffe, a rhinoceros, and a red panda, as well as, petting a penguin.

Portland, Oregon

Leslie Kershaw lives in Washington, DC with her husband, Aaron and three sons, Zollie, Kingston and Kit. When she's not chasing after her boys, she works full-time as a web content strategist and documents families part-time at Leslie Kershaw Photography. Leslie's philosophy and shooting style come from a special place in her heart for celebrating  individuality. She loves people and is inspired by everyday moments, it's her absolute favorite thing to document. Where some might see a boring mundane occurrence, she sees an opportunity to freeze time. Leslie loves that photography allows her find the beauty in everyday. She aims to capture the human condition in all its glory; laughter, tears, scabbed knees — these are all a part of life.

Washington DC

Leslie Kershaw

Lisa Coker

Lisa Coker is originally from Hawaii, the island of Oahu, and now resides in Sacramento, CA with her husband of 10 years and their three beautiful children. Once upon a time, she used to have a very successful career in Human Resources, until one day she had an aha! moment and realized that it wasn’t where she wanted to be for the rest of her life. So she left the corporate world to become a full-time mom. It’s been a rough, enlightening, amazing and chaotic journey being a household CEO and she continues to be ever so grateful for it. It was through her time as a full-time mom that she discovered her love for documentary photography. Her unique style of family photography in which she documents authentic moments in real life, celebrates the beauty of imperfection. As a wife, mother and businesswoman, she understands the struggle of societal pressures to be perfect, but chooses to embrace the chaos and capture memories of what life actually looks like.

Sacramento, California

Meg Pitts is married to her best buddy in the world, Joe, and they  have two amazingly awesome and equally crazy boys, Liam & Jude.

Way back in high school Meg picked up her dad’s old film Nikon SLR and learned of her love of photography. Then, when she and her husband brought their first little dude home, her husband gifted her a Canon DSLR.  Her love grew and turned into a passion of documenting her growing family; the good, the bad, and all the beautiful mess of a little group they call themselves. Last year she officially started Meg Pitts Photography, LLC and has loved documenting other families too ever since!

Another thing Meg loves doing is adventuring… she and her husband recently bought an RV and renovated it and are currently checking off their “adventure list” of places to see around their little part of the world. They are hoping to one day check off the far away places! Meg and her family have a huge love of travel and seeing the world.

Fun Fact about Meg… She has a phobia of getting trapped in places and not being able to escape. Her children who think they are hilarious think it’s fun to press all the buttons when they’re in an elevator with Meg so it takes FOREVER to get to where they're going and torture her more… she’s still getting used to life surrounded by boys.

Columbia, South Carolina

Meg Pitts

Michelle McDaid

Originally from London and hoping one day to return to a little flat in Chelsea, Michelle has been living in the U.S. now for half her life. World travel is her greatest passion next to photography but right now she's set root in suburbia with her husband and 7 year old daughter. When she's not behind the camera for personal projects or her business Memories by Michelle Photography, she writes about parenting and non-profits for local magazines, is a bit of a self-improvement junkie, loves to cook, and most of all enjoys exploring new places with her daughter.

Sacramento, California

Natasha Kelly is an international documentary photographer based in Melbourne, Australia, where she lives with her husband & three kids. She specialises in photographing families – all shapes, sizes, varieties & stages – in their homes, as well as in-hospital Fresh 48 newborn & breastfeeding sessions. She is also a co-founder of The Documentary Department. She has studied with documentary photographer, Sam Abell & follows the philosophy that reality is enough.  While teenage plans to dominate the world as a rock star fell aside, Natasha returned back to her childhood photography dreams once her kids started to arrive on the scene. She has been known to have a strong compulsion to avoiding domestic chores & does a mean Carpool Karaoke(without the carpooling celebrities) whenever she gets into her car.


Natasha Kelly

Robin Stephenson

Robin has been taking at least one photo a day for the past seven years and always has her camera nearby to document the real, everyday moments of life. She lives in the country with her husband and very energetic son. She got her first DSLR about ten years ago to try out a new hobby, fell in love with photography, and has been taking pictures ever since. Robin also enjoys reading, quilting, and cooking.

North Carolina

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