At the Store – Community

This past month we explored how beautifully imperfect your shopping trips can be with the theme At the Store.  Below are our favorite 5 with the top honor going to Anna Lisa Nixon Photography.

Girl with sunglasses at shopping cart - at the store, Family Documentary PhotographyAnna-Liisa Nixon Photography


rose lipped girl with apple - at the store, family documentary photographySummer Cates Photography
Girl in parking lot outside store - at the store, family documentary photographyEmily Rainsford Photography
DanielleNavratilPhotographyDanielle Navratil Photography
boy climbing into shelf in toy aisle - at the store, family documentary photographyAsha Marie Photography

To see your image here next month post your images to our Facebook page.  The theme for May is Outside.  We can’t wait to see what you have to share with us!