Want to learn and improve your own documentary family photography with some of our contributors? Here’s some opportunities to work with our current and past contributors:


The Documentary Department (Natasha Kelly & Erika Roa)
Seattle, Washington / May 17-20, 2018

The Documentary Department is a photography retreat hosted by Natasha Kelly (Natasha Kelly Photography) and Erika Roa (Little Fish Photo) for women interested in the genre of documentary photography as a way to connect with each other and re connect with their work.

Erika and Natasha wanted to create an experience that focused on documentary photography as an overarching genre including discussions on personal projects and hands on opportunities to shoot street and documentary family work. And, most importantly, they wanted to create an experience that focused on critique. In a genre where the photographer does no manipulating and makes a million split second decisions, there is only so much one can garner from instructional text. Instead, the best education comes in the form of receiving critique as well as critically analyzing the work of others.

Registration open now through Feb 18.