January 16, 2017 – Get in the Frame

We wanted to take the month of January to acquaint and reacquaint all of you with our contributors starting with this, our first collaborative post of 2017. This post features self portraits of each of our contributors in their homes and/or with their families. After all, if you are documenting your own family it’s important that you appear in at least a few frames as well.

“Self portraits are a way of revealing something about one’s self.”
– Eric Kandel

daughters put makeup on mother - documentary family photographyAniya Emtage Legnaro

mother snuggles with son on bedCarrie Yuan

self portrait of woman in mirror in shop - documentary family photographyCelina Bailey

woman on couch lifts son - documentary family photographyChrystal Cienfuegos

3 generations of women sit at restaurant table - documentary family photographyElisa Elliot

mother and son play trainsErika Roa

mother with children doing homework and eating dinner - documentary family photographyFelicia Chang

Family in car - documentary family photographyGemma Robillard

woman washes dishes at sinkHeather Bowser

mom with kids on couch - documentary family photographyJenny Rusby

woman reading in bed - documentary family photographyJessica Uhler 

polaroids of mother with kids - documentary family photographyKym Vitar

woman vacuuming - documentary family photographyLacey Monroe

woman on bed with child - documentary family photographyLeslie Kershaw

pregnant woman at window with daughter - documentary family photographyLisa Coker

mother cooks with son - documentary family photographyMeg Pitts

mother cooks with daughter - documentary family photographyMichelle McDaid

mother hangs laundry while children play - documentary family photographyNatasha Kelly

woman reads on couch at night - documentary family photographyRobin Stephenson