Community Post – January 2017

Thank you so much for all you January submissions!  We loved getting a little peek into the lives of your families.  This month’s top honor goes to Halona Photography. Make sure to stop by her page, and the pages of all our Top 5 artists to check out more of their wonderful work.

boy asleep on kitchen counter - documentary family photographyHalona Photography


child splashes in pool - documentary family photographyJessica Mason Photography

father carries baby in drug store - documentary family photographyKatie McMenamin Photography

father dries daughters hair - documentary family photography

Borne Back Photography

girl feeds baby - documentary family photographySharlyn Dyck Photography


To see your photo here next month post your favorite documentary family images directly to our Facebook timeline. A new feature we will have starting next month is a round up of our favorite images from our Instagram feed! Use the hashtag #shamoftheperfect for a chance to be featured on IG.